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Monday, January 18, 2010

Fit: Pick ONE Game Changer

There is no quick fix in the game of life but you can still be a winner (without too much arduous work) if you pick one of the following below GAME CHANGERS

1) EAT REAL FOOD (this means if it doesn't look like it did in nature, it's not real. If the ingredients contain anything ending in OSE, OXIDE, or something else a 5 year old can't pronounce it aint real)

2) ELIMINATE EVERYTHING WHITE (technically white wine is not white...he-he, but sugar, white bread, white pasta, potatoes and ranch dressing are)

3) SWEAT for 45 minutes a day (this does not mean sit in the hot sun, YOU must be the cause of your sweat).

That's it. Pick of those and you'll be on your way to a much more FIT you. Hey, I didn't say it would be EASY I just said it wasn't back breaking and c'mon be real, it's not.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fit: 2 Quotes

One of these was clearly intended to motivate you to eat right. The other simply applies to life.

"Eat like a lady not a pig ."

Kinda blunt but real easy to understand. I'd like to edit it a bit and make it:

"Eat like a fit lady, not a fat pig."

Alright, I like that much better as I believe this quote came from the times when ladies were told to "eat like birds" AKA nothing. To be fit, you need to EAT. Your body needs fuel, period end of statement. Eating the right fuel will help you reach your fitness goals, whether they are weight loss, weight gain (yeah believe it or not there are actually people out there TRYING to gain weight *sigh* wish I had that problem), strength or something else.
But don't take my word for it... check out this link from the American Council on Exercise

"You get what you settle for" , Susan Sarandon, Thelma and Louise

I like this for two reasons.

1) It's about persistence. Whatever endeavor you are currently undertaking, if you count yourself in this moment at point 0 and the ultimate finish point is point 100, as you go along you'll find a place that is comfortable for you. If you stop there, if you settle there, that's what you get.

It's not negative or positive it's just where you stopped, where you settled. An example of this is in your career where you may decided that taking on new responsibility, conflicts with your family time so you settle for a certain position in order to maintain/gain family time. Which brings me to the second reason:

2) It's about your ability to control where you are at. It's up to you where you settle, why you settle and if you settle. In the above example at any point in time a person can again focus on their career and try to move forward. They can stop settling in any aspect. Sure it's at the cost of something else, but such is life.

We'll see if by following the plan I mentioned previously and remembering to eat like a FIT LADY I make it 19% Body Fat and settle there or not.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fit: My plan

Fit: Gotta have a goal and you gotta have a plan

In the next 6 weeks I’m going to get to 19% body fat. How will I achieve this amazing feat you ask? SHEAR WILLPOWER and DETERMINATION…ha ha ha LMAO… not so much. I’ll do it with a plan. And my plan is not that complicated, I’ll share it with you then break down why it’s going to work.

1) Eat mostly Paleo, 80% of the time (lean meats/seafood, veggies, nuts, some fruit, healthy fats, limited dairy, 4 glasses of red/week)

2) Plan for the other 20% (aka have something to look forward to)

3) Drink tea

4) Move with intention 4 times a week (crossfit session, 15-30 minute bodyweight metabolic conditioning, 2-3 mile jog, etc)

So, that’s my plan.

FIRST, let me say that my way of being, my lifestyle, has evolved over the years. Just the other day I was joking with T about how I use to eat buttered pop-tarts, That’s right I put butter on pop-tarts and called it breakfast. In addition to buttered pop-tarts I’ve tried many different workouts, diets, trends etc, kept what worked and dropped what didn’t. I’m a work in progress, constantly evolving. Based on where I’m at now, here’s why this plan will work for the next 6-10 weeks.

1) The food plan is pretty straight forward, no measuring (though I’ll be using proper portion sizes and am now able to actually feel when I’m full), no counting calories, no real limitations when eating out and there is room for fun

2) ROOM FOR “FUN”. It’s no secret I like to drink, eat cake, nachos and of course go to brunch (which involves pancakes, syrup AND powdered sugar oh yeah AND mimosas maybe a nice Bellini or 3). And really how fun can life be if you feel like you can’t do the things you want? I’ve worked long and hard to not have to deny myself…so I don’t. I just keep things in perspective and indulge in moderation (otherwise I don’t get the other things I want….being fit and feeling great). So I use the 20% for whatever strikes my fancy but will plan for it most of the time. Brunch on Sunday, a night out on Thursday… have things to look forward to helps me to stay on track and also feel in control. HOWEVER about 5% of that 20 is for spontaneity (um yeah I plan for spontaneity) a sudden invitation to pizza and pool or so that a crazy craving doesn’t have to go unanswered.

3) Drink tea. Ok so it’s good for several reasons, antioxidants, increasing water intake, upping metabolism (the green kind). BUT FOR ME, it’s a great replacement for wine. WHAT YOU SAY? YES, I SAY. Just like there are many varieties of wine to try, there are many varieties of tea. There is some ceremony around tea, just like wine…so I’m going to replace some of my home-based wine sipping with tea drinking. Also, I’ll be drinking my sparkling water and smoothies out of a wine glass (everything taste better out of stem ware)

4) Moving with intention. My body was made to move… and most likely yours was to. Once we get it moving, inertia kicks in, not literally, but you do want to keep moving and feel better when you move. So get started… and it doesn’t have to be “at the gym”. Yes I’m a trainer and yes the gym is where I got my start but it’s not the only option. I love the NFL Play60 promotion. As adults we can “play” to. Dance, bowl, run, skip, walk…whatever just get into motion and make an effort to sweat for at least 30 minutes a day. Personally I crossfit a few days a week, use a TRX at home, and try to work in a jog with T here and there (of course dancing and bowling as often as possible).

What’s your plan?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fit: Feel Sexy


I’m back! The last semester was a doosey! I feel like I was dooped. When I started the MBA program everyone was telling me how EASY the second year is… THEY LIED. But you aren’t tuning in to hear my rant, I digress…

So, on the topic of getting, staying and being fit! We all know it’s what’s inside that counts but damn-it if looking good outside doesn’t help you to feel better inside. It’s a vicious circle. So whether ya like it or not I’m starting the New Year a bit superficially… directly on top of my skin, with some SEXY lingerie.

Push the boobs up, round the ass out, pull the stomach in, cinch the waist and feel great. Remind yourself how fabulous you’re going to look a few weeks from now when the eating right and the working out pay off. It makes it that much easier to keep going when you know where you are headed.

Now, it’s true there are some curves you just can’t get at the gym. After going to a drag show over holiday season I was reminded of this… don’t you just hate it when every man in the places has a nicer rack and tighter ass than you?!??!?! Nonetheless, if HE can get it so can I. They’ve done wonders with the technical aspect of bras and panties. Not only can they make you LOOK great, the materials feel wonderful against your skin.

SO WHY NOT? Go for the quick fix BUT, use it to jump start your long term plan. WHICH I HOPE YOU HAVE...and if you don't I'll post on mine and how to come up with one, soon.

Always (well most always) budget conscious I make these recommendations to you

Vikki’s is having their semi annual as I speak so hit them up

Check out TJMAXX/Marhall’s they carry brands like Calvin Klein, Felina Maidenform and Spanx…get yourself some Spanx!!!!

Go out and start looking good TODAY!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fit: Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring AKA How to bake cookies and stay thin AKA how to get your DBF a promotion

So, I love to cook and bake (check out my work and that of my friends at My love of baking was spawned (I think that's the first time I've even written that word) from my love of cooking.

Mmmm breads, cookies, cakes (never pies) I started baking in about the 7th grade. I was famous at my school for my iced chocolate-chip-less cookies and banana breads. When I found myself heavier than I wanted to be in high school I stopped baking. I mean really, baking and weight management don't go hand in hand... or so I thought.

Really what it is, is that, weight loss/management and, raw batter, powdered sugar mixed with butter and cookies by the half dozen don't go with weight loss.

So, as my stress level have increased with this year of grad school so has my desire to bake. Rather than fight that desire (and thus create more stress) I choose to bake. Cookies, banana breads, brownies and cakes. How do I manage to do that and still keep my slim figure? 2 ways

1) NO TASTING THE BATTER (cuz once I start I just can't stop, seriously if the recipe should yield say 24 cookies, by the time I was done it only produces 10, maybe 12, YIPES)

2) SHARE (take the cookies to school, drop some off with the neighbors, send them with DBF to work, that will help will help him with the promotion).

So, I don't eat the batter, decide how many cookies I want to eat (that day and the next) and ship the rest out.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, sometimes I don't even eat any... the baking is therapy enough :)

What do you do when your stressed?
Any food tips for me on how you stay fit?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Broke to Ballin'

So... I'm sure many of you have heard about or read "the secret". Oooo so mysterious so powerful...
Seriously though, I think there is some merit to it now matter how cheesy the video, the book is motivational. The main take-away for me was to think positive and visualize what you want. The title and focus on Broke doesn't really do that now does it? NO. So moving forward we will refer to this section of the blog as BALLIN' aka, where I'm gonna be.

And now, BALLIN'

Winter is fast approaching or should I say, is here (in Boston we've had snow 2xs already this season, YIPES)
So, if you're like me and have been putting it off it's finally time to pack all those gorgeous spring dresses and break out the cashmere.

WHAT cashmere on a budget, hell yeah, there'll be no plain wool upon my delicate skin.
But how can I afford it...
Here's how
1) discount shopping
2) consignment shops

1) Look for the sales!!! Now is a great time to find'em. BUT before you go, make a list of what you want. Don't just show up and go crazy. AFTER you've pulled out last year's winter wardrobe decide what's missing or needs updating say, red cardigan, black blazer and wool skirt. Good you got your list, shop with it and stick to it. NEXT, ask for an extra 20% off, you can make up the reason why you deserve it, chances are you won't get the 20% but you may get at least 10%, so that an extra $10 in your pocket for every $100 spent. You can put it away for a rainy day or a new pair of shoes.

2) Somethings in your closet may just seem boring to you. That's fine, out with the old... But before you go donating to goodwill, see if you can make a buck. Take those clothes (and bags and shoes) to your local consignment shop to find out what they are worth. What's old and boring to you can be fun and exciting to someone else. Use those bucks to update your wardrobe. And don't forget to checkout what the shop is offering in your size.

I hope it's clear that these principals don't just apply to your cashmere acquisitions, they apply to ALL your clothing purchases.

One last thought, BUY for QUALITY not QUANTITY ( on most things, everyone needs a few throw-away walk o' shame shirts) .
Why Quality?
1, it feels nice
2, it last longer
3, your trade in value (consignment shop) will be higher

What's the best clothing deal you've scored?
What: Bulgari hand bag $50, previously $850
Where: the original Filene's Basement (RIP).