Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fit: Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring AKA How to bake cookies and stay thin AKA how to get your DBF a promotion

So, I love to cook and bake (check out my work and that of my friends at My love of baking was spawned (I think that's the first time I've even written that word) from my love of cooking.

Mmmm breads, cookies, cakes (never pies) I started baking in about the 7th grade. I was famous at my school for my iced chocolate-chip-less cookies and banana breads. When I found myself heavier than I wanted to be in high school I stopped baking. I mean really, baking and weight management don't go hand in hand... or so I thought.

Really what it is, is that, weight loss/management and, raw batter, powdered sugar mixed with butter and cookies by the half dozen don't go with weight loss.

So, as my stress level have increased with this year of grad school so has my desire to bake. Rather than fight that desire (and thus create more stress) I choose to bake. Cookies, banana breads, brownies and cakes. How do I manage to do that and still keep my slim figure? 2 ways

1) NO TASTING THE BATTER (cuz once I start I just can't stop, seriously if the recipe should yield say 24 cookies, by the time I was done it only produces 10, maybe 12, YIPES)

2) SHARE (take the cookies to school, drop some off with the neighbors, send them with DBF to work, that will help will help him with the promotion).

So, I don't eat the batter, decide how many cookies I want to eat (that day and the next) and ship the rest out.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, sometimes I don't even eat any... the baking is therapy enough :)

What do you do when your stressed?
Any food tips for me on how you stay fit?

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