Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fit: Feel Sexy


I’m back! The last semester was a doosey! I feel like I was dooped. When I started the MBA program everyone was telling me how EASY the second year is… THEY LIED. But you aren’t tuning in to hear my rant, I digress…

So, on the topic of getting, staying and being fit! We all know it’s what’s inside that counts but damn-it if looking good outside doesn’t help you to feel better inside. It’s a vicious circle. So whether ya like it or not I’m starting the New Year a bit superficially… directly on top of my skin, with some SEXY lingerie.

Push the boobs up, round the ass out, pull the stomach in, cinch the waist and feel great. Remind yourself how fabulous you’re going to look a few weeks from now when the eating right and the working out pay off. It makes it that much easier to keep going when you know where you are headed.

Now, it’s true there are some curves you just can’t get at the gym. After going to a drag show over holiday season I was reminded of this… don’t you just hate it when every man in the places has a nicer rack and tighter ass than you?!??!?! Nonetheless, if HE can get it so can I. They’ve done wonders with the technical aspect of bras and panties. Not only can they make you LOOK great, the materials feel wonderful against your skin.

SO WHY NOT? Go for the quick fix BUT, use it to jump start your long term plan. WHICH I HOPE YOU HAVE...and if you don't I'll post on mine and how to come up with one, soon.

Always (well most always) budget conscious I make these recommendations to you

Vikki’s is having their semi annual as I speak so hit them up

Check out TJMAXX/Marhall’s they carry brands like Calvin Klein, Felina Maidenform and Spanx…get yourself some Spanx!!!!

Go out and start looking good TODAY!!!


  1. i JUST went to macy's today to get some new bras!!

  2. meanwhile i will continue to minimize my ever developing gut by simply never exhaling in public.

    deeo breath ...... and hold.

  3. they have man girdles and did you know that during the civil war era man corsets were popular...maybe you can resurrect that..start a new trend.

  4. you are so right! i made some special purchases recently and it is such a mood booster!