Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Broke to Ballin'

So... I'm sure many of you have heard about or read "the secret". Oooo so mysterious so powerful...
Seriously though, I think there is some merit to it now matter how cheesy the video, the book is motivational. The main take-away for me was to think positive and visualize what you want. The title and focus on Broke doesn't really do that now does it? NO. So moving forward we will refer to this section of the blog as BALLIN' aka, where I'm gonna be.

And now, BALLIN'

Winter is fast approaching or should I say, is here (in Boston we've had snow 2xs already this season, YIPES)
So, if you're like me and have been putting it off it's finally time to pack all those gorgeous spring dresses and break out the cashmere.

WHAT cashmere on a budget, hell yeah, there'll be no plain wool upon my delicate skin.
But how can I afford it...
Here's how
1) discount shopping
2) consignment shops

1) Look for the sales!!! Now is a great time to find'em. BUT before you go, make a list of what you want. Don't just show up and go crazy. AFTER you've pulled out last year's winter wardrobe decide what's missing or needs updating say, red cardigan, black blazer and wool skirt. Good you got your list, shop with it and stick to it. NEXT, ask for an extra 20% off, you can make up the reason why you deserve it, chances are you won't get the 20% but you may get at least 10%, so that an extra $10 in your pocket for every $100 spent. You can put it away for a rainy day or a new pair of shoes.

2) Somethings in your closet may just seem boring to you. That's fine, out with the old... But before you go donating to goodwill, see if you can make a buck. Take those clothes (and bags and shoes) to your local consignment shop to find out what they are worth. What's old and boring to you can be fun and exciting to someone else. Use those bucks to update your wardrobe. And don't forget to checkout what the shop is offering in your size.

I hope it's clear that these principals don't just apply to your cashmere acquisitions, they apply to ALL your clothing purchases.

One last thought, BUY for QUALITY not QUANTITY ( on most things, everyone needs a few throw-away walk o' shame shirts) .
Why Quality?
1, it feels nice
2, it last longer
3, your trade in value (consignment shop) will be higher

What's the best clothing deal you've scored?
What: Bulgari hand bag $50, previously $850
Where: the original Filene's Basement (RIP).


  1. Oh Filene's Basement. How I miss you. I'm wearing $8 designer jeans from there as I type.

  2. remember when we took the bus from west village to the outlets? that was a lesson in buying quantity and not necessarily quality. i don't think i have any of those clothes anymore...

  3. LOL yes! there was barely enough room on the bus for our stuff!! I think that was my first big shopping spree. I must have spent $500 on JUNK! OUCH