Saturday, October 17, 2009

Get With It!!!!!

Alright I'm kickin my own ass now. Time to hop back on the wagon and get it in gear. I was on cruise control for a while but somehow I slowed down. Cheat meals went from 3/week to umm.. EVERYDAY This week?!?!?! Ok not that bad...but damn near close. So it's time to step back in's how.

Starting tomorrow...ha ha ha JK STARTING NOW... people seriously, when you want something, anything, (like say, to loose 5 lbs, learn to drive or start your own gym) START NOW in this moment not tomorrow or the day after or it will NEVER happen...

SO, STEP 1, starting NOW if I bite it I write it. Uh-huh I'm writing everything that touches these lips down on paper. I cannot tell you the accountability and control this brings.

STEP 2, taking BABY STEPS. I tend to be an all or nuthin' kinda girl but really that's not the way to go when it comes to altering or maintaining a lifestyle and it's not how I've come this far. So, while I am TEMPTED to say I'ma a start 2-a-day workouts and only eat chicken breast and broccoli. I won't (I'm drinking a glass of wine as I write*). INSTEAD I will commit to going to CrossFit workouts 3 times this week and WRITING DOWN WHAT I EAT (see step 1)

So, that's it, that's how I'll be moving forward. Are you happy with where you're at? If not what are YOU gonna do about you?
Whatever it is DO IT NOW

* Cut me a break, it's Saturday night and I'm keepin' it real. That glass of wine has been written down and accounted for.

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  1. Go Bun! you are absolutely right! why wait for tomorrow. Although i was going to Bikram, but too much football to see on sundays! Enjoy the wine and burn it off the next work out. See you soon. Oh and let's all remember: shed the pounds now coz the holidays are just around the corner! WHO WANTS TO BE COUNTING CALORIES?!