Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fit and Happy: Sexy Foods

Fit and Happy:
It feels good to feel good about yourself.... and somehow some foods make me feel sexy. Which is a WHOLE lot better than feeling fat or guilty. So I've decided to indulge more in the sexier foods in life. Maybe they're aphrodisiacs maybe not, but what I do know is I enjoy them down to the last bite (or slurp).

My List of Sexy but Good For You Foods.

yeah baby... need I say more?

it reminds me of being a teenager on the beaches of Venezuela

Sipped slowly by the glass full so refined so sophisticated so good it makes everything more fun (take note I've been known to pop a bottle while doing laundry)

or anything eaten calmly with chopsticks; something about this seems so exotic and in control (which = sexy to me)

Anything Ethiopian
So, this is NOT so fit but damn if eating with your hands isn't even sexier than eating with chopsticks

A bowl of berries
Eaten with the hand is so refreshing and enticing..begs for you to feed someone and be fed and we all know where that can lead... (yipes mom forget what you just read)

Anything extra spicy
A punch of cayenne can get me rolling. When it's that perfect hot where your arm hairs stand up, your eyes water, your body tingles and you can STILL actually taste the food well...sign me up, twice

Shabu Shabu

Goes along with the chopstick rule

What's on your list?


  1. i think olives are a sexy/happy food ...

  2. Oh yeah... especially when accompanied by vodka ;P

  3. overly juicy nectarines
    jumbo shrimp grilled over a mesquite fire
    cucumber mint gin and tonics
    balsalmic reduction

    ...and i most definately agree with you on the 'anything spicy' catergory