Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting Started

Well, school is just a few days away and it's time to get serious... Not that I'm not or haven't been but as we've discussed there are some budget issues to work on and a waistline to maintain.

Fit: I started the zone diet with T. That's my DBF, we co-habitate so it's much EASIER to follow when he's down. So far so good. I modified the system so it's a bit less obtrusive to our lifestyle. Using the genius skills I've learned as an MBA I applied a version of the Pareto Principal (aka the 80:20 rule).
For anyone interested let's play follow the math (otherwise feel free to skip down): Not including snacks, we eat 21 meals a week, that 3 meals a day * 7 days a week
So out of those 21 I figure if we eat 80% of them as planned we'll see results. That leaves 20% or 3-4 meals for "cheats". Now pay attention I did NOT stay BINGES I said cheats. Like little white lies they are not actually horrible, they're just not quite right. So 3-4 times a week we can eat out with friends, at a work/school function, or get trashed (um binging does not apply to alcohol) without any guilt and still see results.
Now, it's true there would be no reason to CHEAT if this way of eating wasn't somewhat of a constraint so the question is now: WHY EVEN DO IT IF YOU'RE SO HAPPY WITH YOUR WEIGHT, HUH?

WELL smarty-pants weight doesn't just come off and stay off... so sad that it will go on and stay on, but I digress. ANYHOO, loosing the weight is winning the battle, keeping it off is winning the war. Old habits die hard so rather than try to stop them point blank, I continually try new things to keep me motivated. When the "new thing" gets old, I take from it what I found helpful and move onto the next. The ZONE and Crossfit are my new next.

CROSSFIT, I start the Cross Fit Boston Women's Program next week ( right along with classes, all or nothing, it's so they way I am ). Cross Fit is insanely intense and ridiculously fun, I got my Cross Fit level 1 certification this summer and simply CANNOT wait to get started full time.

If you have not seen or heard of Cross Fit, click on this link and watch folks have their asses handed to them, then ask for more. It will make you a beast, a SEXY STRONG FIT ASS-KICKING BEAST and I mean that it the most desirable way.

On to the next subject

BROKE: Yeah, nothing's changed here. Rent is due, that's 625 big ones, which is HALF of what's in my checking account (read: I could pay for one more month of rent, not eat or pay for utilities and then I'll be completely assed-out...come on loans c'mon)
I will say $625 is cheap for Beantown, that's one of the benefits of co-habitation, we share the bills and don't need as much space a roommates. Counting all of the basics (and yes, internet is necessary for students) I'm running at about $1400 (note there is NO as in zero fun worked into that number, why is life so expensive?!?!?!?).
Since a girl needs her fun and personal care too (nope, manicures, blow-outs and deodorant not included in the basics) I'm hoping to keep everything at about $2000/month and that includes, the fun, personal care, doggie care and $100 a month socked away in a Saab Story account. That's the account for when my little Saab gives me trouble. If I stay right, the loans will take care of that until December (new loans activate in Jan). Then, what I make from working and the stock market (oh yeah, watch out for some real money making day trading tips coming your way, PLEASE note sarcasm) I can put towards savings for the summer, future travel, future home, and Christmas presents. I know, how far can I really stretch a $, guess we'll find out.

I'm sure things will "come up" with school so not completely sure how I'll deal with them yet, but I'm working on it and I'll keep you updated.

Happy: Finding pleasure in the smaller things. It's AMAZING OUT, so I rode my bike along the Charles river and then stopped to get my nails done. (BUDGET someone screams) I like to be pampered so I've resolved to manage my toes myself (AKA, let DBF paint my toes and massage my feet for me, LUV YA HONEY) and let the pro's handle my hands (which really are more difficult to keep tidy than the toes).

Your hands are a reflection of who you are and in some ways what you care about. For example, I just got glitter topped gel nails (Tokyo style, a beauty trend I picked up in Japan). Mine are pink (this is best picture I could find online, I'll use my own photos soon) they are girly, fun and kinda international, they are not cheap but they last a lot longer than a regular manicure. I like fun girly things, I love to travel, I also prefer durability and value AND if you look at bottom of my hands you'll find paper cuts and callouses (I'm currently addicted to trashy vampire novels, love to cook but am a bit klutzy with a knife and lifting weights can rip your hands up). So look what you just learned from virtually shaking my hand.

Anyhoo, am loving today's weather and taking advantage with a lovely ride, lovely nails and now I'm going to take Spraga on a lovely walk .

Spraga "surfing" at last year's BBQ


  1. the expression of fear on that poor dog's face ...

    i like your pareto principle. i may need to apply it to my gym-going habits.

  2. love the blog! happy to read what's going on in your life...

  3. oh I know poor Spraga first and last time in the pool.
    Pareto works well for life in general...

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