Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Acquainted

Ok so as I embark on this, my second and last year of Grad school I find myself:

Broke: all of my savings are G-O-N-E. But it's true a year of partying (even frugal partying) and dinner will do that to your savings account. T, that's my DBF, still believes I have some secret Swiss account...but um no, they're gone too. OK almost I've got about $2000 invested in stocks and $1500 in checking/savings. Before you judge, remember the most I am expected to earn in income is about $400 a month. So how will I live... LOANS!!! over the course of a school year I'll get about $18,000 in loans. I will need to not only make due on this but hopefully save some for after school ends and before I launch my "career" (notice the quotes).

: HELL YES, it ain't all bad, part of that savings went to a personal trainer. Yes, I AM a trainer myself and a damn good one, ask my clients. But HEY, don't doctors see other doctors?

We can talk about this later.

So, I'm stronger than I've ever been, 30+ man push-ups strong, I'm still working on the unassisted pull-ups but come December I'll add those to my resume. And don't get it confused, I'm not a size 0 or 2. I'm an 8 and at 5'll that size reflects my strength and let's me keep my ass (T, is grateful of this I'm sure). No fellas, it's no Serena Booty but it's more than a palm full ;)

Not to mention I'm about 40 lb s lighter (thank you, WEIGHT WATCHERS, ATKINS and all the diets that preceded you) than I was 4 years ago. So if I had to describe how I look now: DAMN GOOD, GILF, FINA' THAN A MOTHA... You get the point.

Part of my savings went to new additions to my wardrobe. Which gotta get the clothes that accentuate your figure and respect your bank accounts (I'm sure we'll talk A LOT about this over the next year).

So I'm feeling HOT and WANTING to stay this way. On a time and $ budget that ain't gonna be easy, but it is possible.

HAPPY: Ok so this is the most important. RIGHT NOW, I do not have everything I want um the vacation home in New Orleans is missing, not to mention pied-a-terres in Paris, Vail, Napa, Salvador de Bahia and Miami. BUT I DO feel good about where I'm at and where I can go. I say this with virtually $0 in the bank, no true pay coming in for a year, and an uncertain future. But I'm confident, I can love my life no matter the situation and get my champagne (even if it might really be Prosecco, which let me tell you, and YES, I did live in Reims, France, champagne country, there are some comparable Prosecco's) HOW? Because I know I have control over my reality.

A very wise woman, Patricia Moreno, said to me, EVERYDAY IN A VERY TRUE WAY WE CO-CREATE OUR REALITY and you know what I believe it and more importantly, I'm acting on it.

So, as school starts and I enter the PRE REST OF MY LIFE, stage (which by the way anyone can enter when they choose, each minute is the next of the rest of your life). I'm going to share it with the desire that it helps others realize their, champagne dreams.



  1. another option: CAVA! Spanish Sparkling Wine. Delicious and CHEAP!!!!!

  2. Whitnee You do look good, keep it up no matter the
    cost(smile) Love Ya