Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fit: Cut A B*TCH

That's right?!?!? It's on and not with just 1 but 2, Nancy, Kelly I'm coming for ya. I got my earrings off and my Vaseline on. Before y'all go running to call 911 or worse, try to calm me down let me explain.
The majority of crossfit workouts have people names. Mainly girl names. Since starting my women's crossfit program. We've worked a whole lot on mechanics and Olympic lifts and completed two mini girl workouts which look something like this

workout 1 (mini nancy)
200m run
10 box jumps (20 inch box)
10 wall throws (with a medicine ball

Did the above 3 rounds, for time.

So, It took less than 10 minutes but I was huffing and puffing at the end, lungs about to explode. I loved it! Now, am more determined than ever to get faster and stronger (shorter time, higher box, heavier ball). So I'm just sayin watch out Nancy cuz I got you on my list.

How am I gonna get there, slow and steady, working cross fit 3 days a week, yoga 1 and a jog or two on the weekends. It's amazing how much more energized and focus I feel when I workout. So on the days when I don't quite feel like rolling out of bed I try to keep that in mind.

AND, when that doesn't work I imagine 80's training scenes, a little Lion Heart or Blood Sport anyone? OR get the Eye of the Tiger going in your head and it's too hard to resist the need to get up and go.


  1. can you call one of your workouts the recession and sort the rest of us out?

  2. what do you need the vaseline for?

  3. to grease my face and prep for punches...