Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fit: Zone Be Gone

Turns out the zone was like a summer fling. Once you get back to the daily grind it's just too inconvenient to maintain the relationship with this, interesting but needy entity. It was never meant to be, but we both got what we wanted out of it, I got a new way to eat and managed my weight while he got some free PR.
Bonus: When on the zone I'm much more of a lightweight so I guess DBF also got something out of it too, a cheap date.

Well, no fears I'm on to the next. We moving to the paleo diet. It's how many folks on crossfit who don't do the zone eat. The idea is pretty simple in theory, lean protein, veggies, nuts and seeds and some fruit. Whoa whoa whoa you say, no grains no alcohol?!?!? Now I know that girl is not about to give up her're right. You mean I can't count wine as a fruit?!?!?!? JK, I'm bringing along two things from the zone experiment, the 80/20 rule and a rough estimate of the proportions. So, no more measuring but by now I have a good idea of how much of what should be on my plate.

Wish me luck


  1. So what's this 80/20 thing you speak of? I am missing my vodka tonics (not that I need a ton of them, but it sure would be great to say hi to Grey Goose every once in awhile).

  2. So I'm "on" plan 80% of the time and "off" 20%. So if I eat 21 meals a week, 3-4 of them will be off, not insane...just off (which for me mostly means wine/whiskey/a cookie or two)